Banana chips machine price in Peru


Fresh bananas are rich in nutrients, and the banana chips and banana powder processed from it are also rich in nutrients. And because fried potato chips, French fries, and other products are becoming more and more popular in the world. Fried banana chips are gradually appearing in people’s field of vision, and are welcomed. Fried […]

How to choose raw bananas for processing?


A banana is a very popular fruit in the world with a sweet and soft taste. Also, it has high nutritional value for humans. In some tropical areas, bananas are the main food of local residents. Banana contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins. Among them, vitamin A can promote growth and enhance resistance […]

banana chips frying machine |vacuum fryer

banana chips frying machine

Banana chips frying machine is also called vacuum fryer machine.It uses vacuum low-temperature frying, mainly used for frying vegetables and fruits, and maintains the color and original flavor of the product.

Why are Thai banana chips very popular?

fried Thai banana chips

Banana chips are popular on the market due to their rich vitamins and crispy texture. Banana chips are a snack that is easy to carry, so it is very popular with the human rights of all ages. Due to the abundance of bananas in Thailand, the banana chips processed on the banana chip production line […]

Potato chips and fries packaging machine

The potato chips packaging machine can pack snack products such as potato chips, french fries, banana chips and so on. Among them, the bucket potato chip packaging machine can realize the functions of automatic weighing, packaging and sealing.