Banana Deep Processing Products Overview

banana processing products
Banana Deep Processing Products Overview
In recent years, deep banana processing products such as banana chips, banana powder, banana puree, and other products have gradually appeared on the market.

Bananas are rich in nutrients and have great benefits to the human body. And bananas are grown in large areas all over the world. With the increase in banana planting area and production, the demand and supply of fresh bananas cannot be completely matched. Therefore, in recent years, a variety of deep-processed bananas have appeared. These banana processed foods are also very popular. With the popularity of banana processing products, banana processing machine has gradually appeared on the market.

Banana growing environment and world growing area


Banana likes a hot and humid climate. It thrives in deep soil, loose soil, and well-drained ground. Banana roots are delicate, and the selection of soil is strict. Soils with poor ventilation and poor structure are not conducive to the development of roots. Bananas are mostly grown in hot and humid environments, with a growth temperature of 20 to 35°C. The world’s banana production bases include tropical countries such as America, Madagascar, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Mexico, Cameroon, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Banana deep processing products

Bananas are tropical fruits of rapid breathing type, which are intolerant to storage and difficult to store and keep fresh. Many countries that are rich in bananas cannot fully digest the fresh market, and “banana difficulties” has become a frequent phenomenon. Banana deep processing products solve this problem. Banana deep processing products mainly include banana powder, banana sauce, banana chips, banana wine, banana vinegar, banana figs, banana sauce, banana peel sauce, banana peeled vinegar and banana tomato sauce. These processed banana products are rich in nutrition with great commercial potential.

Banana powder
Banana Powder

Banana powder is processed on the basis of banana greasy. It uses a blender to beat bananas into banana nibs and then uses a dryer to dry the mashed bananas. Then use a pulverizer to pulverize the dried banana mash into the uniformly granulated banana mash.

Banana chips are also a product with very commercial potential among the deep-processed banana products. It is a casual snack product that has become popular in the world after potato chips and French fries. Now there is automatic banana chip production line for mass commercial production of banana chips. The fried banana chips keep the nutrients of the banana very well and are sweet but not greasy.

Banana chips
Banana Chips

Commercial banana processing machine

The quality of banana processed products depends on color, flavor, texture, water content, and other factors. The banana varieties and processing techniques will affect quality. For example, in the processing of banana powder and banana chips, blanching bananas are an important step in controlling banana discoloration. And during blanching bananas, temperature control is particularly important. This requires intelligent temperature control by commercial banana processors. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of bananas, most manufacturers usually purchase a commercial banana processing machine to produce banana processed products.

Banana plantain chip production process
Banana Plantain Chip Production Process

The machines for processing banana chips mainly include automatic and semi-automatic banana making machines. The banana chips making machines mainly include banana peeling machines, banana slicers, blanching machines, frying machines, dehydrating de-oiling machines, packaging machines, and other machines. The machines for processing banana powder mainly include banana peelers, banana slicers, dryers, flour mills, and other machines.

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