Multifunctional potato slicer machine for chips in kenya

potato slicer machine in kenya

Multifunctional potato slicer is often used for processing potatoes to be general or wavy potato slices, potato strips, potato shreds, potato dices. Recently, we have shipped our hot-selling multifunctional potato slicer machine in Kenya.

How to make crinkle-cut chips with a potato slicer machine?

potato slicer machine

The ruffled potato chip cutting machine can cut the vegetables and fruits into flat or crinkle slices, thin shreds, and dice of different specifications. The potato chip cutter machine can be operated alone or equipped in vegetable and fruit processing production lines.

Multipurpose Potato chips slicer cutting machine in Pakistan

potato chips cutting machine

The potato chips cutting machine is also called multifunctional potato chips cutting machine, with the functions of shredding, slicing, or dicing potatoes. We have delivered potato chips cutting machine in Pakistan, and many other countries.