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chips cutting machine
potato chips cutting machine

The potato chips slicer machine is mainly used for cutting potato chips during the production of potato chips. In addition, it also widely applied for bulbous vegetables, such as radishes, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, and other raw materials. The chips slicer machine uses Taiwan imported blades, the cutting surface is smooth and delicate, without connection.

And it can sense automatically to make sure to work safely. When you open the machine inlet during running, the machine automatically senses and stops working to avoid human injury. The commercial potato chip cutting machine has a large production output, which can reach 600kg/h. It widely applied for slicing work in restaurants, canteens, vegetable processing plants, and potato chip processing plants.

potato cutting machine

Applications of Potato chips slicer machine

This crisp chip slicer machine is a professional slicing machine, which can be applied to potato chips, cucumber slices, ginger slices, etc. Moreover, it can also replace the knife for cutting wave potatoes. Therefore, it can also apply for slicing, dicing, striping by changing different blades.

potato chips
potato chips

Before using the potato chips cutter machine, you should clean and peel the potatoes. We have a professional potato cleaning and peeling machine--brush cleaning machine. It can apply for carrots, ginger, and other raw materials. The peeling effect of the machine is obvious, and there is a special waste recycling device. The output of this machine is 700kg/h, 1000kg/h, 3000kg/h,…

potato cleaning machine
potato cleaning machine

Parameters of commercial potato chip slicer






Operation video of the commercial chips cutter

Main features of Potato slice cutting machine

1. The potato chip cutting machine adopts all 304 stainless steel;

2. Safe and efficient. The machine has an automatic sensing device. When the door of the running machine is suddenly opened, the rotating blade will automatically stop. Therefore, it can reduce the risk of personal injury;

3. The potato chips slicer machine is a professional slicing machine with complete slicing rules and consistent thickness;

4. We can customize different cutting size and shapes according to customer’s requirements;

5. The aloo chips cutter machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and has high production efficiency.

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