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The different varieties of potatoes

Potatoes are the raw material in the potato chips processing machine. Potato prefers to low temperature. It needs to grow in a loose, breathable, cool and moist soil environment. The suitable temperature for tuber growth is 16 ℃ ~ 18 ℃. When the local temperature is higher than 25 ℃, the tuber stops to grow. The suitable temperature for stem and leaf growth is 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, and the growth will stop when it exceeds 39 ℃.

In the potato chips processing machine, not all potatoes are suitable for it. So the users need to choose suitable potatoes. What are the types of potatoes?

A brief classification of potato

1. Color: white, yellow, red and purple.

2. Shape: round, oval and long tube

3. Tuber maturity period: early maturity, middle maturity, and late maturity. The days from emergence to tuber maturity are 50-70 days, 80-90 days, and more than 100 days, respectively.

5. The length of the tuber dormant period: no dormant period, short dormant period (about one month) and long-dormant period (more than three months)

Let me introduce the characteristics of different types of potatoes

Type one

The dry matter content of tubers is 19-23% with 0.2% reducing sugar . Its seedlings are not resistant to drought and waterlogging, and are particularly sensitive to waterlogging. It likes the sandy land with high permeability. It is susceptible to late blight. The output level varies greatly with the difference in production conditions.

This kind of potato is suitable for planting in high-altitude arid areas, and it is not fit for areas with long frost-free periods and high temperatures.

Type two

Its shape is between round and oval, and the skin is slightly reticulated. Large potato pieces are often hollow, and it is rich in starch. It is really suitable for potato chips production line, and can also be eaten after cooking. The plant is strong and erect, with large and rough green leaves. Its corolla is lavender. It has high water content with a growth period of 90 days.

Type three

Tubers are oval in shape with smooth skin. Its skin is pale yellow. The dormant period is short, and it is more resistant to storage with good tastes. Plants are susceptible to late blight, but it can be avoided due to precocity. It is suitable for autumn and winter planting.

Type four

It needs 96 days from emergence to harvest. The plant type is erect, and the stems and leaves are green. The potato pieces are oblong, and the potato is concentrated.

Type five

This kind of potato is resistant to waterlogging with big tuber.

Type six

The tubers are oblate with yellow-skinned, and have higher resistance to late blight. It tastes good and is suitable for summer sowing.

Type seven

The tubers are flat ovate with smooth and medium-sized skin. Starch is of good quality and suitable for food processing industries.

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