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The supply and demand status of potatoes

Potatoes have good nutritional value and economic value, and it is very important in the frozen french fries processing machinery. It is reputed to be the world’s fourth largest food crop after corn, wheat, and rice, and the largest non-cereal food. The potato has strong adaptability for growth and high yield, and has been widely recognized and promoted by international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It plays an important role in ensuring global food security, responding to the hunger crisis, and promoting poverty alleviation. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of innovative products, the use of is becoming wider and wider, and the industry chain is becoming longer and longer.

potato for french fries processing line

Global potato production develops steadily

In terms of planting area, since 1980, the global potato area has shown a downward trend of small fluctuations. It fell to a valley of 17.6655 million hectares in 1990, and then began to show an upward trend. In 2000, the potato harvested area reached a peak of 208.6500 hectares. Then there was a downward trend in volatility. Overall, from 1980 to 2020, the global potato harvested area increased by 1.20%, with an average annual increase of 0.03%, and the overall change was not large. In terms of yield, due to the continuous advancement of potato breeding and cultivation technologies, especially the vigorous promotion of potato cultivation technology in developing countries, the global potato yield is promoting. Therefore, the global potato production has maintained a rapid growth trend, that’s why a lot of people purchase frozen french fries processing machinery to make profit. In recent years, the world’s potato production has continuously reached a new level and has repeatedly hit record highs.

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