Banana VS plantain, what is different between them


When producing the banana and plantain chips in the banana& plantain processing line, we use the same machines for the two products. But the two products are not totally the same. People tend to confuse the two because they look very similar. Although they do have many similarities, these two tropical fruits are not the same.

what are banana and plantain?


Bananas are typical tropical fruits that originated in Southeast Asia. They are edible fruits of the genus Musa. Bananas are usually slender and curved. The flesh is rich in starch and covered with a peel. When immature, the skin is green, tough, and generally not easy to peel. When mature, the color changes to bright yellow, then dark brown, with the appearance of black spots. As the level of maturity increases, the degree of divestiture becomes easier.


Plantain comes from the India and Caribbean region. From the aspect of appearance, plantain has a larger shape than a banana and thicker skin. Plantain has a higher starch content than a banana, but its sweetness is lower. When they mature, the skin color is usually green. As they become more mature, they will gradually change from green to yellow or black.
Because of the high starch content, plantain is generally not used for raw eating, but for boiling, frying, grilling, etc.


Similarities between bananas and plantains

The two belong to the Banana family and have a similar appearance. It also has similar nutritional and health-promoting properties. Bananas and plantains contain similar nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, minerals, and fiber.
Because the two contain similar nutrients, they also have similar functions in promoting human health.
Abundant potassium can excrete excessive sodium ions and lower blood pressure; Fiber can stimulate bowel movements and help bowel movements.

The two have a similar shape and structure. When producing banana chips and plantain chips, you can use a banana peeling machine and a banana slicer to process two products.

Difference between bananas and plantains

In terms of appearance

The plantain is generally larger than the banana. The mature plantain is dry and the ripe banana is slippery;

Substance content

The plantain starch content is higher than the banana content, and the sweetness is lower;

Edible effect

Bananas can be eaten raw, plantain is generally used for cooking; and when cooking, bananas will become muddy, plantain can maintain the original state;

In terms of cooking, plantain is more like a vegetable than fruit, bananas are generally used as desserts or toppings; plantain is more commonly used as part of savory side dishes or main dishes.

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