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British Fish & Chips

fish and french fries

Fish and chips are famous street food in the UK. Fish and chips can be found anywhere in the UK. It is combined with fry fish and french fries. When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK in 2015, fish and chips were also used as a national banquet for the guests. This shows that fish and chips are of great significance to the British.

Why do British people love fish and chips so much?

The reason why British people like to eat fish and chips is also based on the historical background. Britain is an island country, and local food production is limited, and most of them need to rely on imports. During World War II, the British food shortage, import food price is high. So the British government encourages citizens to raise pigs.

The United Kingdom has a maritime climate, the weather is cold, and it is suitable for the growth of potatoes. During the famine in Europe, cheap potatoes became the first choice of many planters. By the end of the 19th century, industrialization was booming. And a large number of migrant workers flooded into the city. The increase in the labor force stimulated the demand for local food, which also drove the supply of the fishing industry in the harbor city. The first fish and chips shop opened in London in 1860. Because it is very convenient for workers to eat fish & chips. So fish and chips were welcomed throughout the UK.


Ingredients for fish and chips

Due to the influence of different cultures, the choice of ingredients for fish and chips varies from place to place.

For fried fish, you can just squeeze some lemon juice to taste the original taste of the fish or eat it with Tartare Sauce。For French fries, the old-school British will definitely sprinkle salt and malt vinegar, not too sour, and very fragrant; and young people may be dipped in tomato sauce.

In addition, in northern England, fish and chips will have an essential partner——pea puree. The making method is add salt and sugar to the peas that have been soaked for a night, and boil into a paste in the pan. This kind of pea puree has not only this rich aroma, and can neutralize the greasy taste of fried food.

No matter what kind of ingredients you mix with, you can mix it with a cold beer, I believe it will have a different taste.


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