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Supplying potato chips making machine for small business

The small scale potato chip production line is suitable for manufacturers who have initially invested in potato chip manufacturing. The small potato chip machine has a stable structure and requires low investment to obtain hugh returns.
small scale potato chips business

The small potato chips machine is suitable for the initial opening of a potato chip processing plant. This small potato chips machine has low investment costs and large production output. The whole production line includes a peeling machine, slicer, blanching machine, dehydrating machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine. The whole set of equipment has characteristics of stable performance and fully mechanized. It can complete the whole production line with a little manual labor. So it is very suitable for small processing plants to process potato chips.

Potato Chips Processing Process

The complete processing process of potato chips includes the following steps: select raw materials–potato peeling–potato slices–blanching potato chips–dehydration–fried potato chips–degreasing–potato chip seasoning–potato chip packaging. Every potato chip production step requires a commercial potato chip making machine to achieve. Therefore, the operation process of using the machine should be:

  1. Wash the potatoes. The brush cleaning machine can wash and peel potatoes.
  2. After peeling, use an automatic potato slicer machine to slice. The potato slicer uses Taiwan’s imported blades and components. And the machine is an automatic sensor machine. When someone opens the machine cover coincidentally, the machine automatically stops running to avoid personal injury. The machine can slice the range of 3-7mm, and the cutter size can be customized.
Small potato chips plant process
Small Potato Chips Plant Process
  1. Next step, put the potato chips into the blanching machine for curing. It will have a better taste when frying.
  2. Then put the potato chips into the dehydrator for timing dehydration
  3. Frying is a key step in the production of potato chips. The heating method of the fryer can be electric heating, gas heating, or coal-fired heating lamp. The temperature of fried potato chips should be 160-180 degrees.
  4. After frying, put the potato chips into a de-oiling machine for timing de-oiling to get a better taste and reduce greasiness.
  5. Put the condiments and fried potato chips into the seasoning machine to taste
  6. The last step is to pack the potato chips. When recommending a packaging machine, we need to know the customer’s packaging size and weight.
Small potato chips line process
Small Potato Chips Line Process

Small potato chip making machine capacity

According to the above production steps, each step of potato chip production needs a commercial potato chips machine to complete. And each machine has a different production output. Therefore, for small scale potato chips machine, there are also different capacity production lines to choose from. Generally speaking, semi-automatic potato chips production line output is 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h and 200kg/h. Therefore, for manufacturers who initially invest in potato chip production, you can purchase the production line capacity according to your production budget.

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