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The famous brand of potato chips

Nowadays, there are many potato chips production line manufacturers. Among the top five potato chip brands in the United States.

Nowadays, there are many potato chips production line manufacturers. Among the top five potato chip brands in the United States, snack business,Lay’s and Ruffles are affiliated with Pepsi’s, and Frito-Lay, Kettle and Cape Cod belong to Snyder’s-Lance. The fifth is Utz brand, which is currently an independent brand, and it has decided to continue to grow by joining the Snack Food Association.

The most popular brand-Lay ’s

Lay’s is the most popular potato chips brand in the world and the flagship brand of Frito-Lay. The success of this brand’s dominant position is inextricably linked to its smart business development strategy, including continuous innovation and expansion through investment in new factories or the acquisition of smaller potato chips production line manufacturers. Through constant operation, the brand name has become the biggest asset. Lay’s is known as Coca-Cola in the world of potato chips.

Potato Chips

What makes lay ’s so popular?

 The strength of a brand depends not only on external performance. External performance is just the beginning. The creation of brand value is achieved by establishing a continuous sense of existence. In the past, this kind of presence was based on traditional advertising such as print ads and TV ads. Today, with the rise of new media, especially social networks, it is easier to build a strong brand.


Ruffles is another Frito-Lay potato chips brand popular in the US market. It is a true American brand, using red, white and blue as its iconic color recognition. The latest Logo style was created by DuPuis Group in 2015. The new logo is written with thick lines. In particular, baseball and American football on the bag have established a high degree of correlation, and have been introduced to the market as a feedback product to the fans of Frito-Lay potato chips. The main feature of this brand is that the texture of the potato chips is corrugated, with raised lines. The taste of Ruffles is firmer and not easy to break, so when consumers take a bite, they can happily dip the rest of with sauce to continue eating. This brand is aimed at male consumers, and its communication orientation is very targeted, usually associating with sports and humor.

Ruffles Potato Chips


Snyder’s-Lance Foods is known as a snack enthusiast and owns two other potato chip brands in the United States, Kettle and Cape Cod. Compared with Frito-Lay’s positioning in the mass consumer market, Snyder’s-Lance tends to be niche and the price is slightly higher.

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