Semi-auto Frozen fries plant exported to Democratic Congo

complete frozen french fries processing plant for shipping to Congo

The Taizy plant has designed a variety of configurations of French fries processing lines for customers to choose from. The different output of fries processing equipment can meet the needs of different customers to start their fries business. No matter what your investment budget is, we can always provide you with the most suitable fries […]

Industrial potato chips making machine 200kg/h

industrial potato chips making machine

The automatic potato chip production line produces high-quality potato chips with continuous production, saving a lot of labor costs. The Industrial potato chips making machine is made of 304 stainless steel and meets food safety standards.

200kg/h potato chips making machine in South Africa

potato chips making machine south africa

As a seasoned manufacturer of automatic potato chips machinery, we have sold the machines to a great number of countries. The potato chips making machine south africa has been installed and put into use locally, bringing considerable economic benefits to our customer.

Multifunctional automatic sweet potato slicing machine

sweet potato slicing machine

In the food processing industry, the processing of sweet potatoes in batches requires an efficient sweet potato slicing machine. The sweet potato slicer is widely used in the vegetable processing industry and the food industry.