How to seize the potato chips market?

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The potato chips have always been popular in the snack market, and many companies continue to design new potato chips. Aiming at the huge growth potential of potato chips market, Orion launched two types of thin potato chips with high good price, that is, classic original flavor and fresh cucumber flavor. Prior to this, Orion focused on the thick potato chips market and maintained its growth for 13 years. Having a professional potato chips processing factory is also one of their advantages.

The snack market continues to flourish with strong demand for potato chips

The current annual output value of China’s snack industry has reached 2,215.6 billion yuan. It is expected that by 2020, the total output value of the domestic snack industry will reach a peak of 3 trillion yuan. Among the snack foods, the puffed category is one of the most negligible categories. Relevant data show that the sales volume of China’s expanded food market in 2018 was 19.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.9%. It is estimated that in the next five years, the annual growth rate of puffed food can be maintained at about 2.5%. It can be seen that the classic representative of puffed food has a lot of room for growth in the future, which will also promote the development of potato chips processing plant.

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Develop different flavors of potato chips

In the context of diversified consumer demand, companies also need to accelerate  the development of different types of potato chips. The a good taste potato chip is important. At present, the original flavor and cucumber flavors account for the highest share in the market, and they have many loyal fans. Meanwhile, classic and original potato chips are being researched and developed into new markets to meet consumers’ diverse needs.

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What factors influence consumers to buy potato chips?

The study found that the factors that influence consumers to buy potato chips are not only the taste, but also the cost-effectiveness of the product. If you make a survey on the market, you will find that the price of 90 grams potato ships is even slightly cheaper than the price of 70 to 75 grams potato chips.

Regardless of which flavors of potato chips are produced, professional potato chips processing machines are indispensable. Enterprises should consider comprehensively when purchasing equipment and choose the machine that suits them.

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