Potato chips frying machine | Rotary batch chips fryer

chips frying machine
Potato chips frying machine | Rotary batch chips fryer
The circular batch fryer is suitable for frying potato chips, french fries, banana chips and other products. It can automatically feed and discharge
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The potato chips frying machine is also called a circular batch frying machine. It is suitable for frying potato chips, fries, banana chips, peanuts, pine nuts, puffed foods, etc. The potato chips fryer has a variety of models, and the machine has a variety of heating methods. Its heating energy sources mainly use electricity, heat transfer oil, fuel oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, and external circulation heating. The potato chips frying machine can apply to the small potato chips production line to fry potato chips.

Potato chips frying machine parameters

Electric heating potato chips fryer parameters


Gas heating potato chips fryer parameters

ModelSizeWeightGas consumptionCapacity
TZ-10001700*1600*1600600kg150,000 kcal100kg/h
TZ-12001900*1700*1600700kg200,000 kcal150kg/h
TZ-15002200*2000*1700900kg300,000 kcal200kg/h

Commercial potato chips fryer advantages

1. The automatic chips fryer can realize automatic temperature control, make the heating temperature even, and ensure the nutrition of the food.

2. It adopts oil-water separation technology, and the residue in the frying oil can be automatically filtered out to ensure the long-term use of the edible oil.

3. Commercial food frying machine has a wide range of applications and can be used for frying a variety of foods.

4. Banana chips frying machine has a stable structure and simple operation, which can be operated by one person.

5. The fryer can automatically feed, stir, and discharge automatically, and is easy to operate.

6.Batch fryer has a variety of models and multiple heating methods to meet the different needs of customers.

Precautions of commercial potato frying machinery

1. When installing and using the fryer, the fryer should be placed steadily.

2. When using the electric frying machine, the liquid level should be more than 10mm higher than the heating pipe to prevent air burning and disconnection.

3. For long-term use, you should clean the dirt on the surface of the electric heating tube regularly to prevent heat accumulation inside the electric heating tube and corrosion of the tube surface.

4. When the water level in the fryer is too high, you should drain the excess water through the drain valve to prevent the occurrence of beneficial oil.

Potato chips frying machine types

According to the output of the fryer and the appearance characteristics of the fryer, the commercial fryer can be divided into box fryer, circular fryer, and continuous mesh belt fryer. And each fryer has multiple models and different heating options.

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