Green banana peeler machine

Green banana peeling machine is to remove the banana peel during the banana slice produce line.It is suitable for different types of banana.

French fries quick freezer

French fries quick freezer is to freeze the french fries during the french fries production line, and it also can be used for other food. It can quickly cool the it so as to maintain its nutrition and the fresh taste. The refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts, namely, the compressor, condenser, throttling components and evaporator. The […]

Potato blanching machine / How to blanch french fries

potato blanching machine

Potato blanching machine is to blanch potato chips or potato strips in the hot water, and the blanching temperature is 80℃-100℃. It is as same as the potato fryer machine, so you just need to buy one if you want to save cost. The main purpose of using is machine is to remove the starch […]

Potato chip seasoning machine

Potato chip seasoning machine is a rotary stirring machine that mixes fried potato chips(French fries) with various seasonings.

The different varieties of potatoes

Potatoes are the raw material in the potato chips processing machine. Potato prefers to low temperature. It needs to grow in a loose, breathable, cool and moist soil environment. The suitable temperature for tuber growth is 16 ℃ ~ 18 ℃. When the local temperature is higher than 25 ℃, the tuber stops to grow. The suitable […]