Centrifugal potato chips deoiling machine

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chips deoiling machine

Centrifugal potato chips deoiling machine uses the principle of centrifugation to spin out water or oil through high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder. It is mainly used to remove the oil on the surface of fried foods after frying. The food after deoiling is not easy to break, easy to store and pack with good taste. It often match with oil fryer machine.

dewatering machine

The operation video

The deoiling video for potato chips

The dewatering video fro potato chips

Technical parameter of deoiling machine


The importance to use potato chips deoiling machine

Deep-fried snacks have been favored by many people for their crispy unique flavors. Even with the upgrading of consumption structure, people still like to eat it. Therefore, in order to meet the market’s demand for less oily foods, fried food processing enterprises are constantly updating and optimizing the design of deoiling machines. They commit to reducing the oil content of products and making consumers eat healthier.

In the French fries production line, if your budget is not high, you can buy only one deoiling machine to achieve the purpose of deoiling and dehydration, which can reduce your investment costs!

deoiling machine

Working principle of deoiling machine

The potato chips deoiling machine is mainly based on centrifugal movement. The motor drives the inner tank to rotate at high speed, and the water or oil in the raw material performs centrifugal movement under high-speed rotation. Finally, the water or oil splashes out of the inner tank.

Advantage of deoiling machine

1. Machine is made of stainless steel with long service life.

2. High dehydration and deoiling rate. The clutch is easy to accelerate, which can prolong the service life of the motor.

3. The operation is stable, and the speed can be selected according to the raw material.

4. Compared with the previous deoiling machine, the centrifugal and vacuum deoiling machine have a higher degree of automation. You have more flexible options. It can be manually loaded or automatically loaded with a supporting conveyor.

5. Centrifugal deoiling machine is also equipped with a screen, which can prevent clogging due to fried food scraps, and avoid mixing the product into the oil, causing material waste.

deoiling machine

The development of potato chips deoiling machine

If fried snacks are to achieve better de-oiling effects, they also need to benefit from the upgrading and development of de-oiling machine. In recent years, with the progress of frying technology, the deoiling rate has been significantly improved.

At the beginning of the development of the centrifugal deoiling machine, the degree of automation was not high. It requires manual cooperation, non-stop feeding, and the labor intensity is high.

At the same time, the deoling efficiency was low, and the oil content of the food was still high. Later, during the breakthrough development and application of centrifugal technology, centrifugal deoiling machine came into being, which not only greatly improved the deoiling capacity of food, but also had a high deoiling rate.

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