Multifunctional potato slicer machine for chips in kenya

Potato slicer machine in kenya

Multifunctional potato slicer is often used for processing potatoes to be general or wavy potato slices, potato strips, potato shreds, potato dices. Recently, we have shipped our hot-selling multifunctional potato slicer machine in Kenya.

Cassava slicing machine | industrial cassava chips cutter

Cassava slicing machine

The cassava slicing machine also called the banana slicer machine, is mainly suitable for slicing fruits and vegetables in a long cylindrical shape with moderate volume. The final products by cassava slicer machine are of neat shape, uniform thickness, and high yield rate.

How to make crinkle-cut chips with a potato slicer machine?

Potato slicer machine

The ruffled potato chip cutting machine can cut the vegetables and fruits into flat or crinkle slices, thin shreds, and dice of different specifications. The potato chip cutter machine can be operated alone or equipped in vegetable and fruit processing production lines.

Potato washing peeling machine shipped to South Africa

Potato washing machine south africa (2)

A potato washing machine is a brush-type potato washing and peeling machine. We have already shipped a potato washing machine to a customer in South Africa. The potato washing machine South Africa greatly helps him to expand the potato processing business.

Automatic crinkle cut french fries chips cutter machine

Crinkle cut fries cutter machine

The crinkle cut fries cutter machine also called a multifunctional vegetable cutting machine cuts potatoes into crinkle shapes. The crinkle-cut french fries cutter machinery has the characteristics of multiple functions, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, high yield, and high efficiency. The thickness of sliced chips or potato strips is adjustable.

Automatic banana chips flavoring machine in production lines

Banana chips flavoring machine

The banana chips flavoring machine is used for the seasoning of food in various production lines. The banana chips seasoning machine is featured with a high degree of automation, suitable for the continuous production process, including banana chips production line, plantain chips production line, potato chips production line, etc.

50kg/h small-scale automatic potato chips making line

Small potato chips making line

Small automatic potato chips making line is a semi-automatic potato chip production line with a small output of 50kg/h to 300kg/h. With moderate investment and a comparatively small footprint, the small-scale automatic potato chip making line is suitable equipment for small potato chip processing factories or new startups.

100kg semi-automatic potato chips manufacturing line A-Z

Potato chips manufacturing line 1

The 100kg/h semi-automatic potato chips manufacturing line covers full processing steps from potato washing and peeling to the packaging of potato chips. The 100kg/h processing line has the features of full processing flow, flexibility in production, low investment, and quick return, suitable for small or medium potato chips factories or new potato chips manufacturers.

Multifunctional long banana plantain chips slicer machine

Long banana chips slicer machine

The high-speed long banana chips slicer machine can quickly cut strip-type and spherical vegetables and fruits into long slices or fine shreds. The long banana chips slicer is applicable to banana, plantain, ginger, bamboo shoots, radish, potato, sweet potato, lotus root, taro, cucumber, etc.

Automatic brush type ginger washing and peeling machine

Ginger washing and peeling machine

Ginger washing and peeling machine is a brush-type cleaning and peeling equipment for deep processing of ginger, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, yam, cassava, and so on. The ginger peeling machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, high cleaning and peeling rate, and convenient operation.

Multipurpose Potato chips slicer cutting machine in Pakistan

Potato chips cutting machine

The potato chips cutting machine is also called multifunctional potato chips cutting machine, with the functions of shredding, slicing, or dicing potatoes. We have delivered potato chips cutting machine in Pakistan, and many other countries.