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How to make sweet potato chips with the potato chips making machine

The potato chip making machine can not only make ordinary potato chips but also suitable for making sweet potato chips.
sweet potato chips manufacturing

Sweet potato chips are chips made of sweet potatoes as the main raw material. In commercial production, sweet potato chips are usually made with the sweet potato chips making machine. These sweet potato chip making machines can not only produce sweet potato chips, but also make potato chips, cassava chips, and other products. These chips making machines generally include a cleaning machine, chips cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrating machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, seasoning machine, and other machines.

Sweet potato chips production process:

The production process of sweet potato chips includes washing, slicing, bleaching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, and seasoning. Each of the above steps corresponds to each machine in the sweet potato chips making machine.

  1. Sweet potatoes cleaning: The cleaning of sweet potatoes uses the same machine as the potatoes, namely the brush cleaning machine. The sweet potato cleaning machine can not only clean sweet potatoes but also peel them. And the machine also has the function of automatically collecting sweet potato skins.
  2. Chips slicing: It generally uses a press type slicer machine to cut sweet potato chips. The sweet potato chips cutting machine is mainly suitable for slicing root vegetables. The height and width of the feeding port of the machine can be customized according to the customer’s material requirements. And, you can get different sizes of sweet potato chips by changing different sizes of blades.
  3. Blanching: When blanching, it generally uses 80-100 degrees hot water for blanching. And you can add some salt when blanching.
  4. Dehydration: After blanching, it needs a dehydrator for dehydration. This will give a crisper texture during frying. The dehydrator can adopt the timing function to save labor.
Potato chips making machine application
Potato Chips Making Machine Application
  1. Sweet potato chips frying: The chips frying machine is a stainless steel frying machine. The unique baffle design and seamless heating tube ensure safer frying. The sweet potato making machine has multiple heating methods such as electricity and gas. And the frying frame of the sweet potato chip frying machine is a detachable frying frame, so it is very convenient for the operation of feeding and discharging.
  2. De-oiling: The de-oiling machine uses the same principle as the de-oiling machine to de-oil. The machine also has a timing function. Using this machine to deoil potato chips can ensure the taste of sweet potato chips.
  3. Chips seasoning: The seasoning machine adopts a unique octagonal shape design, hence it named octagonal seasoning machine. In this machine, the seasoning and the potato chips are evenly mixed together through the continuous rotation. The machine has two models of manual discharge and automatic discharge.

Features of sweet potato chips making machine

  1. It has a very wide application. It can not only make sweet potato chips but also suitable for making potato chips, banana chips, cassava chips, and other products.
  2. The sweet potato making machine has a variety of model options. It has a variety of output such as 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h.
  3. All chip maker machines are mature and have a relatively stable structure. After continuous research and development and transformation, the sweet potato chips making machine has been very mature. It has a stable structure, durable material, and easy operation.
  4. It can customize the machine and production project according to customer requirements. We can customize production plans according to customer requirements.
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