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How to start a french fries business during a pandemic

The pandemic has had a certain impact on many catering industries. But McDonald's has achieved great success. We can get the idea of starting a french fries business from the success of McDonald’s,
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French fries are popular all over the world, and which are also suitable for all ages. The dipping sauce with different flavors also adds a different charm to the fries. And sometimes the shape and texture of French fries are very attractive. But in this year’s pandemic, many catering industries have been affected to a certain extent. So how do you start a french fries business and make a profit during the pandemic?

French fries business
French Fries Business

First, let’s take a look at McDonald’s strategy, which is going against the current of the pandemic and continuing to expand its global footprint.

McDonald’s strategy in the pandemic

During the pandemic, many catering industries have been hit and caused certain losses. Faced with this situation, the catering industry has adopted two different recovery strategies. One is to increase the unit price. The ideal logic behind it is to expect retaliatory consumption after the epidemic. The price increase strategy can make up for the losses caused by the epidemic in the increased consumption. However, experts predict that there will be no retaliatory consumption in the second half of the year. The reason is that in the first two quarters, national citizen mainly relied on savings to tide over the difficulties. After the economy recovers, the income gained by the citizens will first be filled in the consumption in the first half of the year.

The second recovery strategy is to “provide premium discounts”, and McDonald’s has adopted such measures and achieved great success.

Why is McDonald’s so successful?

McDonald’s regards suppliers, operators, and McDonald’s stores as an indispensable part. The three work closely together and are inseparable. Close cooperation with French fries manufacturers not only enables McDonald’s to obtain sustained, stable, high-quality products. It also resists industry risks and ensures the stability of procurement volume and prices. On the other hand, through cooperation with McDonald’s, French fries production suppliers can also obtain loan opportunities more easily, save production costs, and increase production. In addition, the main suppliers of McDonald’s have established potato planting bases in their business areas to control potato production quality from the source and reduce production costs.

Mcdonald business strategy
Mcdonald Business Strategy

On logistics and transportation, McDonald’s optimized the distribution link from the production area to the restaurant, reducing unnecessary packaging and transportation. In terms of processing and production, McDonald’s uses mechanical peeling, steam peeling, and water cutting to reduce potato consumption. Potato residue left on the French fries production line is also used to make biogas to provide clean energy for the factory. In the sales link, McDonald’s will actively listen to customers’ voices and actively use big data for refined management.

Thanks to such a strong supply chain, McDonald’s has been slightly affected by the epidemic. And it does not affect its plans to open new stores around the world.

Advantages of investing in french fries manufacturing

1. The global demand is high. French fries and potato chips are popular all over the world. They are a kind of snack food suitable for all ages.

1. Under the influence of the epidemic, a large number of potatoes are unsalable. French fries producers can obtain potato raw materials at lower prices.

2. Multi-country policy support. Under the influence of the epidemic, in order to solve the potato crisis, the Belgium government require citizens to eat more French fries and potato frozen food. This provided support for the sales of French fries.

French fries manufacturing process
French Fries Manufacturing Process

How to start a french fries business

1. Obtain a production and operation license

2. Choose a location close to the raw material supply, water supply, power supply, drainage system and the target market.

3. Select the necessary raw materials for the production of French fries (edible oil, packaging materials, potatoes, salt raw materials). When choosing potatoes, you should choose good quality potatoes and calculate the cost to reduce unnecessary expenses.

4. Choose the French fries making machine. You can choose small scale french fries making machine and automatic frozen french fries processing machine according to your business scale.

5. Produce frozen French fries for sale

Manufacturing french fries requirement machine

The process of making French fries is: washing and peeling, cutting machine, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, freezing, packaging

1. Potato cleaning and peeling machine. The brush cleaning machine has the functions of cleaning and peeling. The machine has nine brush rollers and a device for cleaning residues at the bottom.

2. French fries cutting machine. The cutting machine can be customized with different sizes of cutting blades

3. Blanching machine. Blanching helps to clean up dirt and bacteria on the surface of the potato strips, and it also makes the potatoes appear bright

4. Dehydrator. The dehydrator can perform timing centrifugal dehydration on potato strips

5. French fries fryer. The fryer adopts oil-water separation technology to save oil use, and the oil temperature is even to ensure that the frying color is even

6. Deoiling machine. The deoiler and the dehydrator adopt the same principle

7. French fries freezer. The fried fries need to be frozen to prevent stick.

8. French fries packaging machine. The packaging machine can choose a vacuum packaging machine or a fully automatic packaging machine.

Taizy supply high-quality french fries machine

Taizy mainly produces French fries production machines, potato chip production machines, and banana chip production machines. We not only provide a single potato processing machine, but we also provide semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. At present, Taizy has established cooperative relations with many countries and received good feedback from customers. We have also established two or even three cooperations with many customers. Taizy French fries production line manufacturers provide a variety of production output machines. And we can customize the machine according to the customer’s production requirements.

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