Potato varieties, Which is best potatoes for potato chips

For potato chip manufacturers, the choice of potato varieties is a factor that affects the flavor of the final chip potato chips. There are many types of potato chips, which one is the most suitable?
potato varieties

There are many varieties of potatoes in the world, and the varieties of potatoes cultivated in different regions are also different. The characteristics of each variety are different, and they are also suitable for different cooking methods.

Selection of potato types for chip manufacturers

For potato chip manufacturers, no matter which variety it is, as long as it can bring huge profits to the company, it seems there is no difference what potato variety to choose. But for some large potato chip manufacturers, they have a standard production system. There are certain procedures and rules from raw materials to final products and seasoning and packaging.

Various kinds of potatoes
Various Kinds Of Potatoes

Some manufacturers may carry out cultivation experiments of potato varieties and then proceed to subsequent production after successful experiments. In their opinion, the color, appearance, dry matter content, oil absorption of the potato will all affect the quality of the final potato chip.

However, for some chips manufacturers whose equipment conditions are not so sufficient. It is most important to select a relatively good potato variety from the existing potato varieties.

Six types of potatoes

Although there are many types of potatoes, for cooking purposes, we divide them into six categories: yellow, red, Russet, white, fingerling and blue.

Yellow potatoes

Yellow potatoes
Yellow Potatoes

They are yellow potatoes with golden skin and inside. They are high-quality varieties that can be used in most recipes. Moreover, this type of potato has lower starch content than Russet, but it will rot faster than Russet. This kind of potato is considered to be a kind of universal potato, it can be used for Mashing, Steaming, boiling, baking, roasting and frying. Representative varieties of yellow potatoes are Yukon Gold and Yellow Finn.

Red potatoes

Red potatoes
Red Potatoes

The skin of red potatoes is red, but most red potatoes have white flesh. The red variety has a hard texture and is very suitable for soups and potato salads. Although it has good quality, it is also easily damaged. The representative varieties of red potatoes are Mountain Rose, Norland, Cranberry Red, ect.

Russet potatoes

Russet potatoes
Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are one of the most popular varieties, and they are also known as russet potatoes. If stored at the right temperature, the lifespan of russet potatoes is much longer than that of yellow and red potatoes. The Russet variety has hard brown skin and white flesh, and has a high starch content. It is very suitable for making mashed potatoes, and this variety of potatoes is also one of the ideal potatoes for making potato chips and fries.

White potatoes

White potatoes
White Potatoes

White potatoes and russet potatoes have similar appearances. Their skins are light brown, but white potatoes are smaller in size and round. Its skin thickness is also thinner than auburn. White potatoes are also suitable for making mashed potatoes and grilled potatoes. Its main varieties are Cal White and White Rose.

Fingerling potatoes

Fingerling potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are also very popular. Its shape is similar to the shape of a finger. Its skin color can be yellow or purple. And its skin is relatively thin. Compared with other varieties, these potatoes are smaller in size and expensive. It is also more suitable for baking and grilling. Varieties are represented by French Fingerling, Austrian Crescent and Russian Banana.

Blue potatoes

Blue potatoes
Blue Potatoes

Blue potatoes are also called purple potatoes. Its color is mainly due to its high antioxidant content. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in fruit salads. And it has richer nutrition than other varieties. Suitable cooking methods for this potato are steaming, baking and mashing. Representative varieties are Russian Blue and Purple Peruvian.

Which kind of potatoes should we choose

After understanding the above six varieties of potatoes, we know the advantages of each variety of potatoes and how they are suitable for cooking. Therefore, for potato chip manufacturers, the most suitable potato types for making potato chips should be yellow potatoes and russet potatoes. Potato chip manufacturers select potato varieties at a reasonable cost and apply them to the chips plant.

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