Why some potato chips are not broken?

You can definitely find that some of the potato chips produced by the potato chips processing machine are hyperbolic paraboloid. Why use hyperbolic paraboloid? You can note that this kind of potato chips rarely breaks, and it won’t break into two symmetrical petals. The potato chips with hyperbolic paraboloid look like a saddle. Ordinary potato chips are easily broken into 2 large pieces because they easily form long pressure lines.

The principle of hyperbolic parabolic potato chips will not break

The geometric characteristics of the hyperbolic paraboloid make it have strange mechanical properties, that is, the inability to form a pressure line. In other words, it is difficult for a small crack to expand into a long crack and spread out at once. Therefore, if the potato chips of the hyperbolic paraboloid are broken, it can only be broken into small pieces other than breaking into large pieces or even less symmetrical shape. This design not only ensures that the potato chips can keep intact in a large area during packaging and transportation, but also ensures the crispiness of the them.

Advantages of hyperbolic potato chips

In addition, the hyperbolic paraboloid can not only withstand pulling, but also afford pushing. Why? because the concave surface of the hyperbolic paraboloid is stressed when it is under tension, and the convex portion can withstand pulling when pressed. Thus, the potato chips with hyperbolic paraboloid are not easily broken into powder like bagged potato chips.

Architects always use this load-bearing nature to design the shape of roof.

How are ordinary barreled potato chips made?

First of all, after they are processed by potato chip processing machine, people use  kraft paper and aluminum foil paper to make the package of potato chips. The function of aluminum foil paper is to keep potato chips fresh.

The paper will wrap around a shaft and turn into a tube. If you have torn off the wrapping paper on the outside of the barreled potato chips, you will find that the inside is spiral. The paper tube passes through a belt, which can press the glue and paper together. Then, the outer wrapping paper was also wound up one by one.  Some barrels of potato chips usually have white stripes on the outer packaging, which is the edge of the packaging paper. Why don’t manufacturers remove them? This is because the white edge of the potato chip packaging has a positioning effect.

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