Industry Analysis

The favorite potato chips brand in England

What are British people’s favorite snacks? Of course it’s potato chips. There are many different kinds of potato chips in every supermarket of UK. Of course, these potato chip brands have their own professional potato chip processing plant.

How to seize the potato chips market?

At present, the original flavor and cucumber flavors account for the highest share in the market, and they have many loyal fans. Meanwhile, classic and original potato chips are being researched and developed into new markets to meet consumers’ diverse needs.

Why are McDonald’s fries so popular?

French fries have always been McDonald’s key products, and almost every customer will order a McDonald’s fries. Why are McDonald’s fries popular? What is special

The top 10 fries brands in Canada

How much do Canadians love French fries? Recently, Canada’s DailyHive website voted for a ranking about the french fries made by French fries processing machine Let’s

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