Five new trends in the potato chip market in 2020

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Potato chips are one of the fastest growing categories in the snack food industry in recent years, and potato chip making equipment is also modernizing to meet people’s needs. From a global perspective, the proportion of potato chips and snack foods is also increasing year by year. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States, potato chips and french fries account for more than 60% of the total snack foods. Therefore, it has a very large growth space and potential, and is a product with a long life cycle.

With the trend of health and leisure becoming more and more obvious, potato chips also show more diverse characteristics. What new trends are popular in the potato chip market in 2020?

More flavors

Rich flavors are a major feature of potato chips. Prior to this, potato flavors have been monopolized by tomato flavor and barbecue flavor. Until 2015, more diverse flavors began to be accepted by consumers.

There are not only classic flavors such as original flavor, tomato flavor and barbecue flavor, but also red wine steak and cucumber flavor. These flavors are also very easy to arouse the interest of young groups!

potato chips

Irregular shape

In shape, potato chips are changing from round to polygonal and concave and convex types, and it’s less fragile. Its shape depends on the cutting step in the potato chips production line.

Baked potato chips become popular

In the production process, potato chips are also undergoing changes. Traditional potato chips are mostly fried by frying machine in potato chip making equipment.With the rise of the trend of health, more and more consumers start to choose non-fried products. Under this background, baked potato chips have become a new trend.

Small packaging is gaining popularity

In order to expand consumption and reduce waste, small packages are becoming more and more popular. When using packing machine in potato chips production line, people adopt to different styles of package with rather small size. There are 17-19 pieces potato chips in each pack, which can make most customers feel full after eating. At the same time, they no longer have to worry about storage issues.

The way of spreading in line with the times

A growing number markets provide consumers with all kinds of funny story and striking news about star idols while enjoying delicious potato chips, which enhances purchasing rate. Meanwhile, it also uses the influence of stars to enrich and enhance the product’s selling point and brand power.


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