Fully-automatic banana plantain chips production line

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Fully-automatic banana chips production line is a professional equipment to produce deep-fried banana chips. Compared with the semi-automatic plantain chips production line, these lines include more machines that greatly decrease the labor coast and improve working efficiency.

The capacity of the banana chips production line is 200-500kg/h. Now I take the capacity of 300kg/h as an example. We have professional technicians to provide you the best solutions if you need other capacities.

What kind of machines are needed during this plantain chips production line, the list is as follow.

The operation video

All the machines in Fully-automatic banana plantain chips production line

1Green banana peeling machine
2Banana slicer
4belt fryer machine
5cooling and dryer line
7leaching sugar machine
9belt fryer machine
10De-oiling machine
12Automatic seasoning machine
13automatic packaging machine

As the above chart showed, there are two hoists and two elevators, and the size of them can be customized according to your factory.

What’re the steps in the banana chips production line? I introduce them to you one by one.

Step one: Green banana peeling machine

Without any question, we firstly should peel the green banana, and this green banana peeling machine is able to remove the peel of the banana at high speed. Importantly, the peeled banana is intact without any broken banana.

banana peeling machine

Technical parameter

Power0.8 kw

Step two: Banana slicer machine

Press type slicer machine is favored by most of the customers, since its cutting effect is perfect and it also can be used for other fruits and vegetables. As for banana, its capacity can reach 500kg/h.

Banana slicer machine

Technical parameter

Voltage380v-3 or 220v-3  

Step three:Hoist

The purpose of the hoist is to convey the banana slices to the frying machine, and it really can save time and energy. You do not need to transport the slices manually.


Technical parameter


Step four:Belt fryer machine

The banana slices drop into the fryer machine by the hoist. The frying time is set according to your need, and the frying temperature is around 180 

Belt fryer machine

Technical parameter

Motor80kw 220V 50HZ
Heating methodelectric type
Belt width800mm

Step five:cooling and drying machine

After frying, we should cool and fried banana slices by air cooling machine. There are 12 cooling fans on the machine, and they can cool banana slices evenly.

cooling and drying machine

Technical parameter


Step six:Elevator

Here we should use the elevator to lift the cooled banana slices to the leaching sugar machine.

Technical parameter


Step seven:leaching sugar machine

leaching sugar machine is same as the continuous frying machine, and its functional is to mix the fried banana slices with different flavors of sugar. The taste of sugar depends on the customers, and you mix any sugar you want with the slices.

leaching sugar machine

Technical parameter


Step eight:Elevator

This elevator connects with leaching sugar machine and belt fryer machine.

Technical parameter


Step nine:belt fryer machine

Why the banana slices need to be fried twice? After mixing with sugar, the banana slices become softer than before. Thus, you need to fry them again for crisp taste.

belt fryer machine

Technical parameter

Motor80kw 220V 50HZ
Heating methodelectric type
Size 3500*1200*2000mm
Belt width 800mm

Step ten:De-oiling machine

Different from centrifugal de-oiling machine, this type of machine removes the oil by constant vibration. Finally, the oil on the surface of fried banana slices will be removed completely.

De-oiling machine

Technical parameter


Step eleven:Hoist

This hoist is used to life the banana slices into seasoning machine.

Technical parameter


Step twelve:Automatic seasoning machine

The drum type automatic seasoning machine is widely applied to mass production, and it can mix the seasoning with plantain chips evenly with high speed.

Automatic seasoning machine

Technical parameter

Capacity300 kg/h

Step thirteen:Automatic packaging machine

The last step is to pack the plantain chips into bags. Ten-bucket is very suitable for banana chips production line, since it can work continuously.

Automatic packaging machine

Technical parameter

Maximum weight1000g
Single weighing range10-1000 g
Weighing accuracy±0.3~1.5 g
Weighing capacityMaximum 3000cc
Weighing speed60 times / minute
Application50 kinds of food
Control components8.4 inch button screen

The advantage of fully-automatic banana chips production line

1.The whole banana chips production line is well designed on the basis of market demand.

2.Each machine can work with great speed, fulling improving the working efficiency.

3.The while plantain chips production line just needs 3-5 person, saving time and labor cost.

4.The banana chips processed by this line is equipped with high quality, and it really can bring you high profit.

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