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fish and french fries

British Fish & Chips

Fish and chips are famous street food in the UK. Fish and chips can be found anywhere in the UK. It is combined with fry

What do you know about potato chips?

Potato chips made from potato chips processing line is a snack that people usually eat. In daily life, many people prefer to eat it. However, for potato chips, how much do you know besides high calorie and easy to gain weight? Let’s take a look!

The value of banana chips

At present, people began to pay attention to bananas with high nutritional value. Banana slices made from plantain chips processing machine are considered to be snacks

Why some potato chips are not broken?

You can definitely find that some of the potato chips produced by the potato chips processing machine are hyperbolic paraboloid. Why use hyperbolic paraboloid? You can

The famous brand of potato chips

Nowadays, there are many potato chips production line manufacturers. Among the top five potato chip brands in the United States.

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