Potato chips processing machine for chips manufacturing

potato chips processing plant
Potato chips processing machine for chips manufacturing
The small and automatic potato chips lines provided by potato chip machine manufacturers can make taro potato chips, sweet potato chips, cassava chips, ect.
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The potato chips production line contains a series of potato chips machines to make crispy potato chips. According to the capacities’ difference,the fried chips production line includes a small chips production line and a fully automatic potato chips processing plant. The small chips line’s capacity range from 50kg/h to 300kg/h, while the automatic chips processing plant’s capacity range from 300kg/h to 2t/h. The potato chip processing machine provided by chips machine manufacturer not only can make potato chips, but also sweet potato chips, cassava chips, taro potato chips, etc.

potato chips making machine application
potato chips making machine application

Small potato chips production line

The small potato production line is mainly composed of semi-automatic potato chips making machines, they need people to manually operate the feeding and discharging. The chips manufacturing process is:washing potatoes,potato slicing/cutting, blanching potato chips, chips dewatering, potato chips frying, chips deoiling, seasoning chips, and packaging.

Semi-automatic potato chips processing plant flow chart

Potato cleaning machine

potato washing machine

The main functions of the potato cleaning machine are cleaning and peeling. It can peel off the potatoes while cleaning, and has a high cleaning efficiency. The machine consists of 9 hair rollers evenly distributed inside the machine. So it can fully contact the potatoes and thoroughly clean up the impurities on the surface of the potatoes.

potato chips cutting machine

chips cutting machine

The potato chip slicer machine has the functions of slicing and cutting. The potato chips produced by this machine have the same thickness and complete dicing. You can also meet the production requirements of various potato chip sizes by changing to other sizes and shapes. It is worth mentioning that the potato chip slicer can also be used to make wave potato chips.

chips blanching machine

potato chips blanching machine

The main function of the blanching machine is to remove the starch in the potato to maintain the bright color and taste of the potato chips. This potato chips making machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, and the blanching temperature range is 80-100℃ and can be adjusted.

chips dewatering machine

dewatering machine

The dehydrator uses the principle of centrifugation for dehydration. The machine control panel makes the dehydration time adjustable. The dehydration time is 1 to 2 minutes.

potato chips frying machine

potato chips frying machine

The potato chip frying machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, so it can ensure a safe and hygienic environment for frying. The frying temperature of potato chips is generally maintained at 160~180℃, and the frying time is 1-5 minutes. The semi automatic potato chips production line uses a frame fryer. The more frames the machine has, the higher its production efficiency. In order to improve production efficiency, most small potato chip manufacturers often purchase multiple frying boxes.

chips de-oiling machine

potato chips deoiling machine

The chip deoiling machine has the same working principle as the dehydrator. Its purpose is to remove excess oil on the surface of potato chips to ensure a better taste .

seasoning machine

potato chips seasoning machine

The octagonal seasoning machine evenly mixes the flavoring and potato chips by rotating continuously. Although the machine is constantly rotating, it will not damage the potato chips. The flavoring machine also has multiple seasoning head models. If you need to spray liquid seasoning, the machine can also add an automatic seasoning spraying device to achieve high automation.

potato chips packing machine

potato chips packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine can not only vacuum package materials, but also the machine can flush nitrogen into the packaging bag. It has a very wide range of applications in the food packaging industry. After the potato chips are packaged by this machine, they can have a longer shelf life and are very convenient to carry and eat.

small potato chips processing line video

Fully automatic crispy chips processing plant

Compared with small potato processing machines, the large chips plant replaced a large-capacity potato chips machine. And in this line, many hoists are added to replace manual feeding and discharging. This automatic potato chips processing line can realize the fully automatic process from raw material feeding to frying and packaging. It has a high degree of automation and covers a wide area. Therefore, this fully automatic potato chips production line is suitable for large chips processing plants.

fully automatic potato chips production line video

Large potato chips production line process

You can see from the video that the machine in the large potato chip production line has been replaced with an automatic high-volume machine. For example, the blanching machine and frying machine have been replaced with mesh belt continuous machines. The mesh belt fryer can control the frying time by controlling the speed of potato chip transportation. The machine controls the frying time and temperature by the PLC display screen. And the machine also has the features of automatic lifting mesh belt and automatic cleaning. It replaces the seasoning machine with a drum seasoning machine in the large line. It can realize the continuity of seasoning while realizing automatic feeding. For packaging, it usually uses a four-head or ten-head scale to achieve large-volume automatic packaging.

Small and automatic potato chips production line similarities and differences


  • All potato chip processing machines in the line adopt all 304 stainless steel, which is safe, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant.
  • All potato chips machines have many different models, so they adapt to the needs of different customers.
  • The fryer and blanching machine in the large and small potato chip lines have electric heating, air heating, and other heating methods.
  • Both potato chips production lines can produce potato chips of different shapes and sizes by changing the blade of the slicing machine.


  • Small-scale and large-scale production lines have different outputs. The output of the small-scale production line is between 50-300kg/h, and the output of a large-scale is between 300kg/h-2t/h.
  • All machines of the large potato chips production line can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • It has various differences in the two lines for the labor, site area, budget, and energy consumption.
  • The semi-automatic potato chips production line has a high degree of flexibility, and it can be replaced by the same function machine. Therefore, the small potato chips manufacturers may purchase different chips machines. The large potato chip plant does not have so much flexibility.

Advantages of the potato chips processing line

  • The potato chips processing line has different output, which meets the requirements of large, medium, and small potato chip manufacturers
  • All chips machines are made of all 304 food-grade stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy-saving, safety, and health.
  •  The potato chips production line has the characteristics of continuous work, which can realize the entire process from raw materials to final products.
  • It is not only suitable for the production of potato chips but also can meet the production of sweet potato chips, cassava chips, and other production chips. It can realize the needs of one machine for multiple products.
  • This production line has high production efficiency and low input cost. It is the best choice for potato chip manufacturers to invest in manufacturing potato chips.

What is the potato chips production line price?

For most people,it is a concern for the potato chips production line price. Because the potato chip production line has a variety of different outputs. Different capacity production lines with different costs. Moreover, customers may also have other requirements or purchase other accessories. Therefore, the price factors influencing the potato chip production line are diverse.


How many potato chips can be made from 1kg potatoes?

0.3kg potato chips

How long should I wash potatoes when using a washing machine?

This based on the freshness of the potatoes you use. If you use fresh potatoes, they generally need 1-2 minutes; for comparison potatoes, they need 5-6 minutes.

Do I need to add anything when blanching? How long is the blanching time?

You can add 1kg of edible salt, 0.5kg of sodium pyrophosphate, 0.5kg of citric acid, 1kg of glucose powder. The blanching time is generally for 2 minutes. This machine has a timing function.

How long does it take to fry? What is the frying temperature?

General frying 1-5min, oil temperature at 160-180℃

Can the temperature of the blanching machine and fryer be adjusted?


What is the machine material for potato chips making machine?

All 304 stainless steel

Can you customize a plan for me according to my plant area?

Yes,we will

What is the general delivery time of your machines?

If all chips machines are in stock, it will take about 10 days, if not, generally need about 15-30 days.

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