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How to remove potato skins easily?

Whether we use potatoes for frying or cooking, we first need to remove potato skins. But it is not easy. How can we peel potatoes easily without hurting too much potato meat?
romove potato skins

Potatoes are easy to obtain and we can use potatoes to make a lot of rich delicacies. Whether it is making potato chips, fries, mashed potatoes, fried potato shreds, etc. No matter what application we use potatoes for, we first need to remove potato skins. The potato skin is very thin, with only a thin layer of brown on the surface. If we use a knife to cut the ground, it will cut off a lot of meat.

How can we easily remove potato skins without wasting excess meat?

1. Blanch and freeze to peel potatoes

First, wash the potatoes with clean water to remove the dirt on the surface, and draw a circle on the potatoes with a knife. Then put the potatoes in hot water for a while. Pour out the hot water and soak in cold water. After soaking for a few seconds, you can see the potatoes swell up with scratches. We can easily peel along the expanded part.

Blanching to reove potato skins
Blanching To Reove Potato Skins

2. Wipe with tin foil to remove potato skins

We can knead the used tin foil into a ball. Then clean the potatoes and wipe the potatoes with tin foil to wipe off the thin layer of skin on the potatoes. This method will not harm the meat.

Foil to peel potatoes
Foil To Peel Potatoes

3. Use steel wire balls

If you do not have waste tin foil or think that using tin foil is a bit wasteful. So, I recommend you to use steel balls for peeling potatoes. The specific method of operation is to use a steel wire ball to wipe clean the surface of the potato. Rinse with clean water after wiping.

Steel wire balls to peel potato
Steel Wire Balls To Peel Potato

4. Use rubber gloves

In winter, we use rubber gloves to wash vegetables or clothes. Generally, rubber gloves will have uniform roughness, so that we can use the particles and potatoes to rub each other to make the potato peel off. This method can ensure that it does not hurt your hands and can achieve the effect of removing potato skins.

We can easily remove potato skins with the above four methods. The first method is to use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The skins of the potatoes open when they are soaked in hot water. And it spreads around along the scratches. Using this method can not only achieve the effect of easy peeling but also remove potato starch. The other three methods achieve peeling function by adopting friction between two objects. Commercially, brush peeling machines also use this principle. It is peeled by the opposite rotating friction between the hard brush and the potatoes.

Therefore, if you want to remove potato skins at home, I suggest you use the above four methods; if you want large-volume peeling. I suggest you use a commercial potato peeler.

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