Fully automatic french fries production line running in Turkey

Taizy customized and manufacturing according to customer requirements and installed a fully automaticfrozen fries produccessing plant in Turkey.
Turkey french fries production line

The automatic french fries production line is a large capacity, continuous production line composed of a series of stainless steel fries machines. The production line ranges from potato washing to frying and packaging. The automatic fries production line is a highly automated production line. Its production output can be as high as 3000kg/h. All machines adopt stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. Recently, we installed a 500kg/h French fries production line in Turkey.

French fries machine maufacturer
French Fries Machine Maufacturer

French fries processing steps

The production steps of French fries include: washing, peeling-cutting-blanching-dehydrating-frying-degreasing-freezing-packaging

In the production of fully automatic French fries, all the above machines are necessary. Besides, it also need some conveyors to connect neighbor two machines.

1.Potato washing and peeling.  In the production process of fully automatic French fries and potato chips, need a commercial potato washing and peeling machine to clean the potatoes first. It will peel potatoes by reverse friction movement of the hair roller and the potatoes. And during the same time, it conveys peeled potatoes to the outlet. Its peeling efficiency can reach more than 99%.

2.Potato strips cutting.  The fries cutting machine is professionally used to cut potato strips. Its cutting range is 3-12mm. The cut potato strips are of regular shape and uniform thickness.

3.Potato strips blanching.  The role of blanching is to remove the starch in the potatoes so as to maintain good color and taste during frying. The continuous potato blanching machine achieves the purpose of blanching while conveying the potato strips.

4.Potato strips dehydrating.  After blanching, the potato strips need to be dehydrated for better frying. It also prevents oil splashes caused by excess water during frying. When the blanched potatoes reach on the dehydrator machine. The motor of the vibration dehydrator drives the dehydration plate to shock up and down to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

French fries manufacturing process
French Fries Manufacturing Process

5.Potato strips frying.    The potato strips frying machine is a continuous mesh belt fryer. And we also can customize machine length to satisfied different customer’s production requirements. It can automatically control the temperature and frying time, and the machine is equipped with a scraper to automatically transport materials forward. The fried potato strips are golden in color and highly matured.

6.French fries degreasing.   In order to ensure that the taste of fried fries, it is necessary to use a degreasing machine to remove excess oil stains on the surface of the fries. The vibration deoiler and the vibration dehydrator are the one machine. It adopts the same machine with the vibration dehydration.

7.French fries freezing.  It is necessary for large scale french fries production to need a freezer machine to freeze french fries after frying. Its main purpose is to keep fried fries fresh and avoid stick together.

8.French fries packaging.   We need to know the customer’s required packaging size and weight to recommend them a suitable model packaging machines. The french fries packaging machine can achieve feeding, weighing, and sealing automatically. The fries packaging machine has the characteristics of accurate packaging weight and sealing rules.

French fries packaging
French Fries Packaging

Turkey french fries production line order details

The Turkish customer plans to produce 4 tons of French fries a day and work 8 hours a day. And he wants to invest most of the money in the cost of machinery and workshops to reduce the use of personnel. And he wants to achieve large-scale production and sell the produced French fries to local distributors, restaurants, and other institutions. So we recommend him the 500kg/h fully automatic french fries processing line.

He sent us to his factory area and shape, and hope that we can guide him the machine drawings and the placement of the machine. Then our technical people negotiate with customers for the machine placement plan and send him a detailed drawing. After several times of negotiation, the customer determined all machine details and add some machine spare parts for his subsequent production. After communicating all the details, the customer signed a contract with us.

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